Ready to Fast Track Your Child's Growth and Development?

We Accelerate Progress, Transform Lives

Our goal for your kiddos

Our clients will experience on going development, milestone accomplishments, an increase in appropriate life skills and be able to track progress. Our goals are to help each client function independently or with minimal support, increase appropriate social interactions, decrease mal-adaptive behaviors and develop a range of functional behavioral skills.

Our commitment

We are committed to do whatever it takes to offer top quality service by upholding our commitment to rely on scientific knowledge by attending workshops and/or continuing education classes. Also, maintaining competence through professional development by collaborating with other professionals in kiddos treatment care team.

Quality of Staff

ABA Therapy services are provided directly by Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT’s) / behavior therapist. Our team comprises of individuals who have  rigorous ABA training, value patience, energetic, optimistic, knowledgeable  and most importantly, who love working with children.

Why chose us?

We pride ourselves on creating functional skills, practical solutions, result-oriented therapy, by energetic, skilled, passionate therapists, with a game plan for transition to least restrictive environments.


Samantha Katchy, M.A., BCBA, LBA

Samantha has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities for over a decade. She graduated from the University of Houston Clear Lake with a degree in Psychology in 2011 and earned a  Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Autism.

Samantha is passionate about the importance of early intervention and providing parent/caregiver training.

“Individuals and families living with ASD thrive on understanding, practical support, and effective tools. My goal is for every family to recognize their light and let it shine!”

Samantha K., M.A.,BCBA, LBA.